About the girl

I am Aileen, 27 going on 17, from Sarawak, Malaysia.

My old job

My old job


I am the typical Sagittarian and Sanguine; an incurable optimist, outgoing, love to travel and explore, value freedom above many things, straightforward, arrogant, a free spirit and very independent.

My friends say I am very good-humoured and I usually have a hard time keeping a straight face, even if it entails embarassing someone.

I am also the world’s biggest exaggerator and thrives on compliments . I’m also emotional and gets easily upset sometimes especially with the ones I love (or loved, ha-ha).


In my free time I love hanging out with my friends at newfound cafes although I do occasionally join the yuppies sipping Frappucino at Starbucks, trying to look professional or clever with my laptop or with an ‘intelligent’ book on hand.

I am currently an FB addict and perpetually the queen of procrastination.

I love reading. Paulo Coelho inspires me, James Patterson intrigues me and Enid Blyton preserves my inner child.

I also love camho-ing. Daym. Kthxbye.


3 responses to “About the girl

  1. hahaha..i have to comment on this. i like your lil elephant dress..hahaha! nicenice..

  2. eee, saya tulis panjang lebar dan anda komen mengenai baju itu!

  3. hahah..baju yang cantik mesti dipuji

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